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95.5 million people

3,260 km of coastline

5,800 small & large islands

$3.5 billion in coffee exports

The Land of the Blue Dragon

“With her origins shrouded in the mists of time, Vietnam has evolved a rich oral tradition of myth and legend. Vietnamese mythology contends the people are descended from a dragon and a fairy.”

About Vietnam

“Throughout time, Vietnam has forged her identity through the highs and lows of history. Today she has become a robust and vibrant commercial hub and thriving travel destination in the heart of Southeast Asia.

With her 3,000 km coastline bejewelled with sun-drenched sandy beaches imbued with a vast array of resorts and hotels, Vietnam has established a growing reputation as a first-class beach destination.”

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“Possessing a unique cultural and historical heritage, Vietnam is an idyllic choice for travelers in search of exotic travel experiences not to be found anywhere else. A grand exploration delves deep into the heart-warming natural hospitality and charm of the peoples and soul-stirring landscapes of Vietnam.”


Saigon - The Sprawling Metropolis

Hanoi - The Ancient Capital City

Ha Long - The Breathtaking Beauty

Hoi An - The Pristine Living Museum

Nha Trang - The Seaside Resort-Town

Phu Quoc - The Idyllic Beaches

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