Teach in Vietnam

Pandemic Guide Step by Step

Your Timeline

Step 1: Now, At Home

• Read follow-up information via email and answer any questions

• Firmly commit to work with APAX in Vietnam

• Undergo legalisation process for your country

Step 2: Be 100% Sure

• If you back out there may be penalties from the agent, government, company or airline so please make sure you are absolutely sure you want to be placed on the list and that you are able to board the flight as agreed, before agreeing

Step 3: What We'll Do

• You will be placed on an approval list which will allow you to come to Vietnam within 2-3 weeks from the date of submission

Step 4: Approval

• Once approval for entry comes back, there will be a series of other approvals needed to finalise your flight

• At this time, flights will be obtained for you, sent to you and confirmed by you that you are able to board the flight

Step 5: Preparations

• You will obtain a RT-PCR COVID-19 test prior to flying according to airline guidelines

• Depending on the airline(s), you may need two tests e.g. one for in-country flying (interstate in the US), one for international

Step 6: Getting Here

• You will board the flight, fly into Vietnam, and quarantine in government-approved facilities

• Both the flight(s) and general quarantine costs will be covered by APAX – if you do not work for 12 months you must return the cost of the flight(s)

Step 7: Start Teaching

• Once out, you can complete any additional training, orientation and get placed accordingly

Your Information

Please complete in full to fast track your employment onboarding process.

View FAQs below when finished.

Your Questions

When will I get approved for entry into Vietnam?

This will depend purely on the VN govt but is typically taking 4-5 weeks right now. Depending on how long it was before we submitted the previous batch list for approval, you may have to wait a further 1-4 weeks before we can submit your own details for approval. Once this has occurred, approval should take 2-3 weeks (barring any unforeseen delays), and once received, we can go about looking for flights for you. As such, it is crucial you make yourself as flexible as possible in the upcoming weeks and months, both to obtain your COVID test and be available for any flight on which there is a seat for you.

Once I’ve been approved, how long will it take for flights to be provided?

This depends on a large variety of factors as there are a great many moving parts behind the scenes. Please be patient while flight details are provided for you to confirm.

I’ve been approved! What now?

Please wait patiently and APAX will provide flight details for you.

Why can’t I book flights myself?

This is down to reliability. Generally, most if not all of the flights publicly listed for entry into Vietnam will be cancelled. You would be given credit, and this could be repeated indefinitely. APAX works with agents in Vietnam which have close links with the government and airlines to provide a reliable way of entering Vietnam. Occasionally, these flights will cancel, but they are more reliable and cancel less than publicly listed flights.

Who covers the cost of the flight?

The cost of the flight is covered in the Flight and Quarantine Advance Payment Agreement which we either sent or will send to you once you have confirmed you will be joining us and a flight is found. If you do not complete 12 months with APAX upon arrival in Vietnam, you can expect to ultimately cover the cost of the flight yourself.

Once I’ve confirmed flights, how long will it take for the flights to be booked and my ticket sent to me?

Again, this depends on much that is going on behind the scenes but we typically expect a turnaround of 1-2 weeks maximum depending on how quickly after approval your flight is found and sent and you confirm this. The smoother everything comes together, the shorter the time will be.

It may also depend on the agent with whom we’re working at the particular time in question, as the agent is often prone to change.

What COVID test do I get?

It must be an RT-PCR COVID-19 test to comply with VN govt regs. No other test is acceptable. Do not get this test until instructed and the flight is confirmed – preferably only once you have the flight ticket in your possession. If this would not leave you with enough time to obtain the test, go ahead and obtain the test with the assumption that you will be taking the flight to ensure you don’t miss the ability to get one before your flight when it takes off.

Help! My COVID test and flight window doesn’t work out.

You may need to get 2 tests to fit different flights depending on your flight plan. Ensure you meet VN govt regs.

Help! I got a test and my flight got cancelled.

You will be reimbursed when you arrive if you obtained a test and the flight you were meant to board cancelled.

What are the quarantine facilities like?

Typically 3* hotels are approved by the government when APAX works with the agent after your flight details have been obtained and confirmed by you. You will have water, wifi, and 3 meals a day provided. Movement may be limited, and you will not be able to leave the facilities, but once you have passed the 14 requisite days in the facilities you will be free to move around Vietnam as normal.

How much must I contribute toward quarantine costs?

Right now, APAX pays the cost of quarantine. Further details can be found in the Flight and Quarantine Advance Payment Agreement which we either sent or will send to you once you have confirmed you will be joining us and a flight is found. If you do not complete 12 months with APAX upon arrival in Vietnam, quarantine costs may be recoverable from you i.e. deducted from your final pay check when you leave.