Why work for APAX?

When moving to Vietnam to teach English, finding a job usually isn’t hard – there are reams of schools in all cities looking for ESL teachers, and even more agents trying to get a cut as the middle man. But every day we hear horror stories of schools not paying teachers, teachers being deported or horrific classroom environments. Sadly, these stories are all too true and too common. That’s why we make it our priority to create a trusting, professional environment for our teachers where they have the peace of mind to focus on their teaching and have a fabulous experience of Vietnam.

Before arriving in Vietnam our recruitment department will guide you through every step to obtaining the right documents and paperwork to get legal employment in Vietnam. The process can be understandably daunting, and that’s why we aim to make it as clear and simple for you as possible. Furthermore, we want to eliminate all risk of running into trouble with immigration once you are here so you can settle in with peace of mind.

Once you have settled in you will be placed at a centre in one of our cities across Vietnam. This allows you to form incredible relationships with your fellow teachers, class managers and students. Seeing your students every week allows you to get to know them, see them grow and develop not only their English skills but confidence and excitement. This has been consistently reported as the most rewarding part of the job and it’s easy to see why.

However the Apax experience doesn’t end when the bell goes at the end of the day. As the largest ESL company in Vietnam we have an amazing community of teachers that always have something on the go - from getaways out of the city, to regular beers and pool days there is never a dull moment. Our big training groups also immediately allow you to meet people on arrival and get stuck into the Apax culture. The people you meet here will become your family and stick with you through all the challenges Vietnam throws at you.


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