Why Not Play in Pleiku?

Apax Leaders is opening up yet another great center in Pleiku. Obviously, the question on your mind is where is Pleiku? What is there to do? Will it be more like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh? Well if you ever have to do a business trip there, you can rest assured that you are in for an eye-opening experience.

First, Pleiku is located in one of the least densely populated provinces of the country, Gia Lai. While it is closer to balmy Saigon, it does get quite cold there.  It sits on the center of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, perched atop a large plateau surrounded by mountains and valleys formed from volcanic activity 25-30 million years ago.

While Pleiku is not the most popular spot with tourists, some individuals who do get to the city quickly discover that while there are not many attractions, one of them is the Bien Ho (Sea Lake). It has been dubbed, "a lake as big as the ocean" by many. The lake is set in a crater created by a volcano. Another attraction is the Cong Vien Dong Xanh, or the Fossil Tree Water Park, which also features a crocodile pond.

If you are interested in getting exposed to a side of Vietnamese culture that you don’t often encounter you are in for a treat. Pleiku is a melting pot of ethnic minorities, originally inhabited by the Bahnar and Jarai ethnic groups and also home to a sizeable Kinh population.

Moreover, you are in luck as the best time to visit Pleiku is between November and April. Emma Hodson and Torquil Blackstock are the Apax Leaders who are boldly where no Apaxers have gone before. They both seem enthusiastic about taking on the challenge of working, living, and playing in Pleiku.


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