Where to Rent: Motorbike Edition.

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

ESL teachers in Vietnam need a set of wheels, ones that won't fall off en route to work. Here's where to get them.

Picture this: Hanoi, Summer somewhere in June, one of those banging hot days around 2PM, when all the heat has had the chance to soak nicely into the tarmac. Post-lunch rush hour. A Tay pushes their rusty Yamaha Nouvo down Đường Láng for the third time that week, coming to the slow realization that the oil soaked floors of the rental garage are probably indicative of the hot mess inside their engine, and that their bike probably hasn’t had a real service since circa the birth of Elvis himself.

Although the workout is welcomed, considering the 10 beers consumed the night before, the pool of sweat gathering in my shoes and the intimacy of busses and travelling trees are not. Finally the bike is abandoned at the next Gas station and hands washed of the whole business. And this is when Đức enters, a Hero Among Tays.

Đức owns a (not so small) business of renting motorbikes. Đức and I first met after about a year of motorbike drama, and I instantly liked him. He arrived at my house, not a minute after the scheduled time, with the exact bike I requested, and better - it was decked out in mad decals. And I haven’t looked back since.

He first started renting motorbikes in 2015, when upon returning to Hanoi from a trip on which he was a tour guide, he ran into an expat broken down in the middle of the road. He helped him push his bike back to his house, and discovered that he pays huge amounts for a bike that keeps breaking down. That gave him an idea, and Hanoi Scooters Rental was born.

He started by renting out his own bike, with no knowledge of bikes or mechanics, and slowly built up some money. He spent the $1250 he had to buy twelve more.

Over the next few years he would learn all he could about mechanics and motorbikes, growing his business through word of mouth. There has never been a time in the last four years where he has had a lull in business – his bikes drive themselves out the door as soon as he finds them, and now he has a fleet of 87 bikes currently rented out, as well as fifteen Honda XR 150 cc for daily rental.

Đức will arrive at your door with smiles, greet you by name and pick up on the last conversation you had with him. He knows how to provide a service unrivaled by anyone I’ve met here. Broken down? He’s on his way! Need some advice? He’s got it! And that includes, wear a helmet, don’t jump red lights and stay in your lane! And if you’re a first time driver, he will give you lessons and make sure you are comfortable on the roads before sending you off to battle your way through the throngs of travelling beer kegs, live animals and families of five.

But his business hasn’t been without challenges, he has always had the pressure of supporting his wife and baby daughter. And often he has to go help customers far from home at night, which is indicative of his incredible work ethic and service approach.

So if you’re looking for a reliable rental service in Hanoi, peace of mind on the roads and Vietnam travel advice, get in touch with Hanoiscootersrental.com or for something more spicy, Vietnam Dirtbike Venture for your next trip out of town.

Or for advice, chat to Đức directly on 038 263 2317 / + 84 263 2317.

If you’re not in Hanoi and you’re looking for a good rental service,

in Ho Chi Minh try out Saigon Motorcycles and in Danang try On2Wheels.


Thank you to Đức for providing the above information.


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