Top 5 Fruits of Vietnam – don’t miss out!

We have all seen the wide range of beautifully colored fruits in the carts of street vendors around town. How many, however, have you ever tried? Do you know the names of all these fruits? And what can you use these fruits in? Let’s have a look!

1. Custard Apple – Mãng Cầu

Also, known as sugar apple or sweetsop, this fruit can be found all across town. The creamy white flesh has a very sweet taste and is normally eaten fresh. Keep in mind that you find large seeds inside that you probably don’t want to eat.

Custard Apple is rich in Vitamin A and is said to support healthy skin and hair. You can find custard apple as one of the base ingredients in many smoothie shops, just order a “sinh tố mãng cầu”

2. Rambutan – Chôm Chôm

This red colored hairy fruit which originally was found in Indonesia is now available all-over South-East Asia. The first part of the name, Rambut, means hairy in Malayan, which clarifies its name. Inside you’ll find sweet white flesh that has some similarity to lychee.

To mix it up a little, you can make a slightly spicy drink by combining rambutan, red chili, ginger, lime, sugar, and salt. Mix all ingredients and add water, let it sit overnight and serve it with ice.

3. Starfruit – Khế

This slightly sour fruit, also known as five-finger fruit or carambola, is best eaten when just ripe. In Vietnam, it’s common to dip this fruit in a chili-salt mix. The fruit is somewhere in between a grape and an apple and can be eaten whole.

4. Jackfruit – Mít

This fruit has an infamous reputation as being one of the smelliest fruits you can find. For those that can resist the pungent smells, Jackfruit has a subtle sweet flavor which kind of resembles a combination between banana and pineapple.

Jackfruit is used in almost everything, from cakes to ice-cream to a substitute for meat. You’ll find that the pungent smell is less once you open the fruit.

5. Longan – Nhãn

This fruit is normally sold with its branches, like a bouquet. It’s very similar to lychee and somewhat to rambutan. The name is derived from the Cantonese word lùhng-ngáahn 龍眼 which literally means dragon-eye.

Longan can be found in many Vietnamese deserts and even in milk-teas. You can test the freshness of Longan by cracking open the other shell. The fresher the fruit, the more the skin pops when you break it open.


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