Top 3 reasons to be teaching abroad

Nowadays more and more people want to live the international lifestyle. Traveling the world, exploring new cultures and cuisines are just some of the reasons to leave the comfort of your own country. Now the question is how to realize this lifestyle. After all, traveling is expensive and you can’t really grasp the whole expat life in a few months.

1. Culture and language

One of the main reasons to teach abroad is that it allows you to live in another country and fully immerse yourself in its culture. When you travel you don’t get to experience the true nature of a country or city, after all, you have mere days to explore it all. For those that get to settle down for a year or more, doors start opening.

You’ll be working side by side with locals that can show you all around town. Generally speaking, you can expect to be welcomed in any country you are going to teach in. Go in with an open mind and an intrinsic motivation to learn from others and you find things that you never even imagined. Additionally, living for a longer period of time abroad allows you to study the local language better than any class could ever teach you!

2. Work experience and resume building

Many people find themselves fresh out of university and with almost no real options to find work. Taking a gap year, or just a year before the start of the rat race is an option for those that teach abroad. You’ll find that most ESL teachers are in their mid to late 20s. Not only does it show on your resume that you create and are willing to take on the world, being an ESL teacher pays fairly decent in most countries.

It’s not uncommon for an ESL teacher to save when teaching abroad. Living expenses are normally fairly low and wages are quite competitive. Keep in mind that local companies need to find, mainly native, teachers that live halfway across the world.

3. Being a digital nomad

For a select few, those that find themselves mainly teaching online, teaching abroad allows for a digital nomad lifestyle. When you teach online your hourly rate is fairly low and is therefore an extra job for most. Some, however, have realized that it is possible to live on an online teachers’ wage. If you live in a country where living expenses are below $1000 a month, or you travel slow and cheap, you can make it as a digital nomad.


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