The Types of Friendships made when living abroad

Living abroad, especially Vietnam, brings with it so many adventures – you see new places, meet new people and discover things about yourself you never thought you would. Its all round one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can possibly have, especially in your 20s when you are just starting explore your adulthood and be comfortable with independence. The 20s are infamously transitional, with the highest highs and lowest lows, absolute clarity and complete confusion, it’s a time of contrasts. Many of us would struggle through our 20s a lot more, if it weren’t for our people, not to mention couple with all the challenges of living in a foreign country. And boy, do you meet some interesting people while travelling! Here are the few people you can be guaranteed to meet along the way 

The Flash in the Pan 

You meet someone as you arrive and they’re on their way out. You connect and they’re gone but somehow they always remain a huge part of your experience, having made an impression so early on. They’re usually the one who guides you through the early days, shows you the ins and outs of the new city and introduces you to the hidden gems. 

The Party Animals 

Not the ones you’ll ever find yourself having a 10am coffee with, unless you’re still up from the night before. But you see them at every party and you’ve watched each other do some pretty crazy things, so you’ve bonded over mutual embarrassments and hangovers. One day when you’re telling your grandkids about the crazy times of your 20s they’ll be sure to feature more than once. 

The Work Mates 

You see them everyday, they’re your pre-class coffee buddy and you get to vent to them as much as you like. You seldom see each other outside of work, but it doesn’t matter – you are bonded by your mutual dislike of Ben in your Kindergarten class and those after work beers. 

The Soul Mate 

Living abroad can be the loneliest experience of your life, especially if you are single or move on your own. But every one is in the same boat and feeling the same way. This allows people to open up to new people, and become a new kind of soul-mate. You experience joy, adventure, loneliness, loss, love and fear together. You go through it all together and rely on each other completely for support. Bonds and friendships made when living away from family in a foreign country are the strongest kind, and will last a lifetime across many more countries, distance and adventures. Because that time you had in that strange place will always have a certain kind of magic. 

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