Teaching in Ha Nam, just outside of Hanoi

What’s your favorite thing about the city?

There are hidden gems to this non-touristic city such as the lake at the center of the city with a pagoda in the middle, a temple and several cafes, as well as a top-notch vegetarian restaurant that would be absolutely popular if more people knew of it. I think more exploring needs to be done on my part.

How busy is the city and how the quality of life?

This small city is not as busy as a place like Hanoi and it’s a perfect place to start using a motorbike in Vietnam. The cost of living here is incredibly cheap.

 Where is good to eat and drink? (Top 3 places)

Hoan Hy Chay (top notch Buddhist vegetarian restaurant)

Banh Mi MitCham Cham Cafe

Any nice cafes around? What’s the nightlife like (if applicable)?

There are several nice cafes, Cham Cham is the best when it comes to atmosphere and food. The central lake is a good place for coffee and a nice view. I wouldn’t know much of local nightlife, other than recommending to check out a bia hoi or any other restaurant opened 24/7.

What do you like to do and where do you go in your free time?

I go to the gym for free time.

Are there any places that is a must see, any major tourist attractions?

The central lake is more scenic than Hoan Kiem in my opinion. I’m sure there is plenty of beautiful countryside to see outside of Phu Ly on one’s own motorbike, but I have yet to do so.

Where is the center located in the city (e.g. near residential area, near business area, easy to get to etc.)?

The center is located along the main commercial street across from the train station and easy to get to from our housing.

 What is it like driving in your town / city?

Very easy!

What’s your center like?

It is a nice, small center with a great head teacher in charge

 What’s the Vietnamese population like; do you have any Vietnamese friends, ever hang out with them or socialize?

I have not made any actual Vietnamese friends in Phu Ly yet, however the chances of getting invited over to a table of curious Vietnamese men is high.

Tell us anything you like about life in the small town.

It is a very laid-back provincial town, and it yearns to be furthered discovered.

Written by Rens


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