Nguyen Chi Thanh: Network Cameras Technology

If “a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth at least 1.8 million words.” The saying is a bit ridiculous, but I think you get the point that the speaker was making.

James Floreani and Luca Powell are shaking things up at Nguyen Chi Thanh. The center is one of the South’s newest centers, but they aim to be lead the way. Thus, they have combined their excellent teaching and video-making skills to create a sophisticated and kid-friendly digital platform.  Their lucky students can showcase their speaking, creative, and technical skills in a brand new class on a student-driven social media platform. Moreover, this class aims to take students beyond the output stage that we often see in their CTPs.

Each week will feature a new video challenge for NCT students to wrestle with. Additionally, students can also get more involved in crafting entertaining and engaging media for other kids their age. Furthermore, the channel also features a blog that allows students to share helpful hints and tips about student life, surviving the ups and downs of being a kid, and even an informative newscast. You are going to get a real kick out of seeing these students discuss serious matters, say silly rhymes really quickly, and poke fun at teachers. Arming kids with technical skills and empowering them with a medium to express themselves will having a lasting impact.

Finally, we know that there are so many Apax English and Apax Leaders teachers doing really innovative and exciting things both in and outside of the classroom. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

Visit the blog: Apax NCT Blog

You’ll definitely like what you see, so follow the blog on Tumblr, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and like the video!!!


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