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The ESL Industry in Vietnam is highly competitive. Centers and schools fight for the best teachers and teachers all compete for the best jobs. The sheer volume of schools and teachers make finding placements fairly easy, however finding the best placements can be a little more tricky, how do you make head or tail of the piles of offers to be found on the internet? 

Vietnam has a plethora of agents and advertisements punting teaching jobs, all of which seem to promise the world! Often it all seems too good to be true, and sadly a lot of the time that is the case. There are a few too many horror stories about teachers’ not being paid, deported and messed around by schools who can’t keep their promises. Or agents making promises that the schools never agreed to, taking large cuts of your pay-cheque or not insisting on the correct paperwork causing trouble with the authorities.  So how can you be sure you will actually get what you are promised and won’t run into issues with immigration?

That’s where word-of-mouth comes in – talking to teachers who have had good experiences, felt supported and dealt directly with the recruitment departments of schools are a good bet. At Apax English we love teachers that are referred to us. Over the years we have cultivated a culture of strong work ethic, committed teachers and professionalism that sets our centers apart from the others. Our teachers are guided through every step of the application process and everything we do is in compliance with the national laws, meaning you won’t get into any trouble and are safe to enjoy your time in Vietnam with peace of mind. 

Furthermore, teachers that are referred to us through friends can have the peace of mind that the role and experience will be a positive one. When making such a big step to move to a new country, placing your trust in a friend to guide you in the right direction is so important and will likely lead to a more rewarding experience. Many of our teachers have been with us for years and have brought in many others, growing a strong happy community with a real passion for teaching. This is why we love your referrals, knowing we are getting teachers who know they will get a positive experience is so important to keeping our whole community happy and delivering the best possible service to our students. 

Both in and out of the classroom our teachers are our best advocates. As the biggest ESL Company in Vietnam we have the largest and one of the most tight-knit communities, and we’re always looking to grow. That’s why we incentivize our teachers to send their friends and make the whole process as easy as possible, so you never need to look back. 

To refer your friends, and get your referral bonus, send us a mail with their CV, e-mail address and we’ll do the rest! 

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