I do apologize, but here is the number 1 ESL manners lesson

What is considered polite in one culture is quite different at times to what is considered polite in another culture. These subtle differences can have huge implications in all forms of interaction. Teaching your students what it is to be polite, what manners are and what is suitable behavior in your country is essential. Additionally, you can learn all about the manners of the country you are working in, so you don’t offend anyone.

ESL manners lesson about asking for attention and clarification

One of the easiest ones to start with it asking for attention and clarification. You’ll experience the shouting student at least once a week or students that suddenly shout out “what” or “huh?”. Well, let’s start by introducing some better alternatives.

Start off with explaining what manners are and ask your students to describe some they know. You can show them some examples of kids shouting vs. raising their hands or sneezing without covering the mount.

Once all students are aware of what manners are supposed to mean, ask them if they can tell a story of a moment that they might not have upheld all their manners. Feel free to give a personal example first, to get them all engaged.

Finally, create a board of classroom manners that every student will try to uphold. You can have students come up with different ideas for rules or things they themselves feel as inappropriate. A few of our favorite ones are

· Raise your hand

· Don’t interrupt

· Try and say “yes please”

· Be nice

· Use “excuse me” for teacher

Activities for ESL manners lessons

A great and creative activity to remind students about classroom manners is to have them create posters, which you can then use as classroom decorations. Have students sit in groups of 4 and explain to them that you want to have 4 sets of a good and bad example of a student regarding his/her manners. You can have students make drawings or provide them with magazines so they can cut out illustrations they like.

Videos lessons on ESL manners

Another great opportunity is to present your students with a video that displays poor manners. A favorite of ours is Mr. Bean’s restaurant etiquettes, click here. First, have your students watch the entire clip since they will be having too much fun to do an exercise immediately. Next, replay the video, but ask your students to write down anything they see, that they deem inappropriate. Finally, have a class discussion based on what each student wrote down.


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