How to stay healthy in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful place, full of surprises, adventure and new experiences. It’s known world over for its nature, culture and food. But despite all its wonder, many people who move to the cities have trouble staying healthy for a number of reasons – the lifestyle, the pollution and the weather can all be difficult to adjust to at first. But it’s not impossible – here’s how we’ve managed to stay focused on the good stuff. 

Join a Gym or Club 

Vietnam is full of gyms and sports clubs for very reasonable prices. From multi-storied gyms to kick boxing, Crossfit, muay thai and football there is something for everyone. Staying active and healthy is not only important for physical health but your mental health too. Especially after the stresses of traffic, noise and children the best way to decompress is to work it out in the gym. 

Stay away from too much street food. 

While cheap and delicious, lots of street food is stacked with oil and salt that in large quantities isn’t good for you. 

Furthermore you always run the risk of picking up a nasty bug from the unregulated establishments. 

However some people have found that the street food is the answer – if you can find the right dishes it can be a leaner and cheaper option. 

Wear a face mask 

They’re uncomfortable and don’t look so hot, but the long term of not wearing them is just not worth it. Spending time commuting in heavy traffic has a tangible and direct effect on your lungs. Getting into the habit early on of wearing your mask will not inly prevent coughs and infections in the short term, but protect you against long term respiratory issues. 

Check in with your Friends 

We so often focus on physical health, but mental heath is just as important, and is often for first thing to suffer when living abroad. Make sure to check in with friends, family and your support structure regularly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling, and make sure to practice self care on a regular basis. 

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