Finding a TEFL job in Hanoi

I’d heard a finding TEFL job in Hanoi, Vietnam would be easy. Furthermore hat Vietnam is the place to be if you want to teach English. However I  didn’t realize just how much of a demand there is for native English teachers. I was looking online before I left Thailand and I was amazed at how many job vacancies I saw. However the reviews were less than impressive. I’ve heard awful stories where people have taken jobs before they’ve arrived and realized they work for a horrible company. Other stories were about teaching multiple hours, but than later on not getting paid. I heard so many bad experiences that I was a bit hesitant!

Looking on Facebook

I decided to post a speculative message on the Hanoi massive Facebook group to see if there were any upcoming vacancies for an TEFL job in Hanoi. I received loads of messages telling me to send my resume but I wasn’t convinced they were reliable companies at all. You’ll see the same people posting their vacancies over and over again. This made me very wary, so I decided to steer well clear. One girl recommend APAX English so I applied and had a Skype interview scheduled the next week, whilst I was still in Thailand.

Applying at APAX

After I passed the interview and I was so happy to receive a job offer. When I arrived I had to do an initial training, for a week, which was pretty intense. APAX is a language center, working with children from 5-15 years old, something I perfect. Best thing of APAX… No lesson planning, I don’t know if you quite got that, NO lesson planning! When I heard this I was sold! I spent so much time in Thailand planning lessons and developing my own curriculum for some classes that this was a massive relief!

I’ve been working in my center now for the last 2 months. It’s a new center I’m based in which is great because the kids are all new to it too. I was promoted to become the Head teacher there so I now take on a lot more responsibility but with less teaching hours. I love this role but it’s so strange because I’m now Lee’s boss (My boyfriend) so I have to critique his lessons along with the other teachers in the center.

My opinion of APAX I have to say working for a language center is great. I already feel much more appreciated than I did in the school in Thailand. Also the hours are perfect. We work from 5pm-9pm Tues-Sun and an additional 3 hours during the day at weekends. Sounds like a lot but actually we have all the days free to explore. We don’t have to turn up to school with a hangover which helps! I do miss the two consecutive days off, like I had in Thailand. However the salary is twice the amount so you know, I can’t really complain! I would recommend finding yourself an TEFL job in Hanoi today!

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