ESL Teaching Vinh, Vietnam

ESL Teaching Vinh is a great new adventure. APAX English has currently 2 centers in Vinh, which have been growing at an incredible pace. Vinh offers many different opportunities for ESL teachers, so don’t miss out…

About Vinh

Vinh is the biggest city of the North Central Coast of Vietnam, an economic and cultural center with key links to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The city keeps a port where various products from the sea and the neighboring countries are received and distributed to other parts of Vietnam. Although Vinh City is a busy commercial center, it is also home to great tourist destinations like Quyet mountain’s King Quang Trung Temple, Hong Son Temple, and Cửa Lò beach.

APAX English 

APAX English has been in Vinh since March 2017. For both students and teachers Vinh has been a great success. The students get to enjoy modern classrooms set up with Smart Boards and Ipads. With over 15 teachers there is a great community in Vinh, were teachers get to hang out and explore the beauty of the city and the surrounding nature.

Since teaching hours are only 18 a week, there is many opportunities to enjoy your free time. These are some highlights according to the APAX teachers of Vinh

Pu Mat National ParkDrive around Vinh with the bike.


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