Bui Vien’s Backstreets & A Day in District 3 Through the Eyes of an Apax Leader

The Photographer

Peter Walls, one of Apax Leader’s newest teachers, was kind and generous enough to share his vivid photos of everyday life in Ho Chi Minh, around Bui Vien street, with all of us. It seems as if Peter was destined to be a part of the Apax Leader family.  While at home in Scotland, Peter heard a podcast created and distributed by a former Apax teacher featuring Apax Leader’s Continuous Training Guru David Maxwell. David was discussing the triumph and tragedies that accompany the life and times of a Apax Leader teacher in Vietnam. In the end, Peter liked what he heard and he figured he could rely on the words of his fellow Scotsman.  Hence, he decided to set up shop in Vietnam with Apax.

Before teaching for Apax became Peter’s passion, he fell in love with all aspects of the visual arts from photography to video-making. Fortunately, he has just started his journey with Apax Leaders. This is great news for all of us because we can look forward to seeing how he captures  many of the exciting aspects of life in Ho Chi Minh.

The Neighborhoods

As the title states, the photos featured in the slideshow are of Bui Vien and D3. Though many of us have been to Bui Vien a time or two, most of us may not know much about the man for whom the street was named. Bùi Viện was born into an educated, but poor, family in Thái Bình province, located near the Red River Delta. As a boy, he lived among fisherman and merchants, learning whatever he could from them. The knowledge he acquired at a young age proved to be quite impactful as it eventually led to an impressive career in the fine arts.

Like the neighborhood surrounding Bui Vien, D3 is also a place where many of us go to have a good time day or night. Although D3 is known for being a great place to dance, dine, and drink. D3 also  has beautiful colonial architecture and is dotted with restaurants, temples, parks and street food vendors. It’s a wonderful mix of old and new.

The next time that you are enjoying Bui Vien or D3, think about the beauty all around you.


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