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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

One of the questions that has probably entered everyone’s mind at some point during their time in Vietnam is, “”Where can I volunteer or how can I be of service?” As we go through our day in Saigon or Vung Tau or Bien Hoa, or Binh Duong, we see so many people struggle with less than us. Subsequently, we may think to ourselves... if only I had more time or resources, I could help them. Guess what? You can help. How? HOW (Helping Orphans Worldwide) is an organization in Saigon that has helped countless children by providing them with medicine, food, shelter, etc.

Here’s how Joel Parent, a teacher at Hai Ba Trung, explains the role of the HOW volunteers:

"Basically we just help create a bit of a fun environment for them through play. Most of the kids spend the majority of their young lives confined between the 4 walls of the Orphanage. We play games and do activities to create a bit of a break from the norms of life in the orphanage. The main thing is that it is consistent, so we try build relationships with the children and teach them some skills along the way."

The Orphanage itself has 2 main sections:

Babies from birthday - +- 2 years oldOlder children 2 - 10 years old ( this is our area of focus)

When Joel Parent was asked why he volunteers, he answered,

“I feel that we have an immense amount of free time in Vietnam and using just a little bit of that time to help others for me is far more rewarding than anything else I could be doing with it instead.”

Another volunteer, Brandon Marlin (Head teacher at Tran Binh Trong), said of volunteering,

“My primary reason for volunteering would be to connect with a community and group of people that I otherwise wouldn't get to know. The children are really sweet and appreciative - it certainly does not feel like work or a chore being around them. Laughter is an international language we too partake in."

Finally, Jack Simmons, a teacher at Phan Xich Long, explains his motivation for volunteering

“For me, I knew this would be the best opportunity I may have to spend my free time in giving something back to the community. The fact that we can give what is relatively very little, just our time, and receive such a positive response, is amazing.”

How can you help HOW like Jack, Joel, and Brandon? Click on the Facebook link below to buy tickets for the upcoming Charity Bazaar. You can also click on other links below to email Phuong-Nha Bach about volunteering or find out how you can donate and help.


Phuong-Nha Bach Public Relations Helping Orphans Worldwide Mobile: +84-93-8500-242

Email: nha@helpinghow.com

www.helpinghow.org/ www.facebook.com/HelpingHow/ www.facebook.com/helptam/


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