Apax Leaders Takes on Tan Phu

I live in Tan Phu, a populated district inside of, or I should say on the outskirts of, Saigon. 8.4 million people call Saigon home and of them about 400,000 live here in Tan Phu. We’re carefully crammed into about 15 square kilometers. Tan Phu was actually a part of Tan Binh until 1975 and only became a district on its own in 2003.

What’s There to do in Tan Phu?

Tan Phu, it seems, is a great place to live. With just a short 7-minute walk to a four-story mall with everything from a supermarket and fast food joints to a bowling alley and arcade what else can you ask for? Clothes. Well, yes they do sell clothes there too. Very shortly, the mall will also house the new Apax Leaders Tan Phu center. Hopefully, the mall is ready for all the traffic of tiny feet that are about to happily march into the Apax Leaders center.

If the mall is not your scene there are several open markets here, as well as streets lined with coffee shops and restaurants that have the sounds of families and friends well, well into the evening.

Tan Phu Traffic & Housing

Unlike the rest of the city the traffic is somewhat light here. Furthermore, getting around safely on a motorbike is a much simpler task away from the center of the city.  The best part is the rent is very reasonable.  My one bedroom apartment, built only a few years ago, goes for about 6 million vnd/month and two bedroom places go for around 8 million.  

  In closing, if you want reasonable rent, lots of fun things to do, an easy commute and a relaxed atmosphere then Tan Phu may just be the district for you.

Written By Kevin


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