iGarten is our newer program for learners aged 4 to 8. The Vietnamese are keen on ensuring their children learn English from as young an age as possible.

April is our flagship program which exploded onto the Vietnamese education scene from Korea in May 2015, and has been expanding rapidly throughout Vietnam ever since.

4.0 is an upper-level, tablet-based class that uses technology to facilitate a more engaging learning environment for older, advanced students of English, roughly aged between 12 and 18.

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With music, games, and plenty of interactive learning, this is a great introduction to learning English as a second language.

iGarten is the perfect program for those who want more creative direction over their lessons, smaller, more relaxed classes, and a Vietnamese teaching assistant. For teachers who prefer to work with younger (and cuter!) kids, look no further than iGarten to start or grow in your English teaching career. Apply today to see what we have available.

We take pride in giving both experienced and inexperienced teachers the opportunity to deliver effective and engaging lessons to students of various skill levels, ages 5 to 15. The April program provides the kind of structure and effective methodology rare in English education in Vietnam.

With lesson plans prearranged and programmed into a smart board, teachers can focus on meeting the individual needs of their students, and have a lot of fun while doing it! This is the perfect program to kick-start or further develop your EFL career.

4.0 classes use media-based discussions to help contextualize academic topics, allowing the teacher to custom-tailor their approach to a specific topic by adding in their own “media cards” to the e-textbook. Student e-textbooks are automatically synchronized to the teacher’s tablet.


Managing and improving student performance is also made easy with a collection of functions to track their answers, notes, annotations, etc. Students typically range from ages 12 to 18 and are more advanced than their April counterparts. This is the highest-tech program APAX has to offer.

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We make it our daily goal to secure you the best ESL role in Vietnam. Feel free to browse the site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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