Our highly designed programs combine cutting-edge educational technology, from speech recognition programs to smart boards to e-learning systems, with an exciting focus on creative thinking and expression, from singing and dancing to writing scripts and recording videos with green screen technology. APAX English offers an experience for both students and teachers unlike any other.

The training and faculty development department currently oversees teacher training and development for all of the programs offered by APAX English. We are passionate about helping teachers grow not just as educators but professionally too. Through our initial and continuous training for the April, iGarten, 4.0 and STEAM programs our aim is to have a smooth and effective training process that prepares you for the classroom. We also work closely with the Program and Teacher Management departments to ensure you’re given the support needed to teach and grow. 


Our primary role is to provide training to all new teachers that we hire. During the initial training week, training is primarily carried out by one of our experienced part-time trainers. This week tries to balance a warm fun atmosphere with a certain degree of intensity that is required to ensure all teachers can reach a predetermined standard. This allows us to be confident in the fact that our teachers are well trained and can reach the learning outcomes for their assigned program. Once you reach your center, we will provide continuous training in the form of online courses and live workshops through the first 8 weeks. We’ll cover a variety of topics; from lesson planning, to student management, CTP and more. Currently our goal is to keep providing current teachers with more and more continuous training to further your development as an educator.



Learners aged 4 to 8. The Vietnamese are keen on ensuring their children learn English from as young an age as possible.


April is our flagship program which exploded onto the Vietnamese education scene from Korea in May 2015, and has been expanding rapidly throughout Vietnam ever since.


4.0 is an upper-level, tablet-based class that uses technology to facilitate a more engaging learning environment for older, advanced students of English, roughly aged between 12 and 18.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

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