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  • Domestic option 1: up to 11,000,000 VND up front in flights / visas etc + 10,750,000 VND******

  • Domestic option 2: 25,000,000 VND startup bonus*, as is currently offered.

  • International hires: 10,750,000 VND***** as support + eligible for 25,000,000 VND startup bonus*.

  • Opt-in Start up bonus 25,000,000 VND (~$1080 gross) paid within the first month*

  • Entry level salary range from 32,000,000 VND (~$1383 gross)

  • Over-time hourly rate of 525,000 VND (~$23 gross)

  • Monthly accommodation allowance of up to 3 000 000 VND (~$130 gross)

  • Small-city stipend up to 3 450 000 VND (~$150 gross) *

  • Quarterly KPI Bonus up to 2 000 000 VND ($86 gross)

  • Completion Bonus: 10,750,000 VND (~$464 gross)

  • Pioneering bonus potential for smaller cities ranging from 8,000,000 VND to more than 56,000,000 VND (~$345-$2418 gross)

  • Expert Teacher bonuses

  • Earn up to 45 000 000 VND (~$1942 gross) **

  • Eligable for PIT Tax rate

  • Raise potential with good performance

  • ~20 vacation days

  • Work permit & Health check reimbursement upon 12 month completion

  • Average class size of 10-16 students

  • Program training provided

  • Opportunities for advancement (not only teaching)

  • Ongoing teacher support from foreign management and teacher community of over 600 foreign teachers

*upon legal document submission within 14 days of contract signing
from $1200 depending on classroom experience for 21 teaching hours per week and up to 25-30 hours per week including administration
*city dependent
depending on classroom performance
* based on optional professional development / internal coursework
** inquire within to qualify for higher earnings
*** Work Permit between 1-3 months to process depending on your document submission. Expatriate tax rate 20%, PIT 11-16%
**** All amounts subject to exchange rate conversion. Tax rules above apply.
*****Paid within the first month salary
******paid on the 10th or 20th, relative to when your documents are submitted.
Note all amounts above are gross amounts

Housing is only provided in some smaller cities, and is subject to availability. In the event housing is unavailable, a candidate is provided with the allowance instead.

Every 2-3 month period, teachers are required to work a designated day off (including Mondays), but are compensated at the extra hours rate for each occurrence.

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