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Bắc Ninh
Bắc Ninh conveniently lies an hour northeast of Hanoi, making it the only city for which you're able to pick up a bonus while living in the capital, if you so wish. With a population of over 1.1 million, it has a rich Buddhist heritage and is known for Quan Họ folk singing. It boasts the Đền Đô Temple and its accompanying colourful annual procession. The centre itself is one of the most cohesive and well-run centres in the entire company.
Đà Nẵng
Đà Nẵng is the most prized destination in which APAX operates. Boasting four centers, the region is only available to high-performing teachers who have been with the company for 6-12 months. The number of teachers looking to work here far exceeds the number of positions available in the market. When it comes to APAX, work hard, put your name in, and who knows, maybe you'll be in with a shot at bagging yourself a position here.
Ha Nam
Hà Nam is south of the Red River Delta, just a short distance from Hanoi. Home to majestic mountains, lakes and grottos, its cultural pride extends to Lieu Doi wrestling, traditional trade villages such as Doi Tam drum, Nha Xa silk handicraft, Thanh Ha embroidery, Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo. If you're looking for a slice of authentic Vietnam while teaching, teaching in the province's capital of Phủ Lý is absolutely it.
Hà Nội
Hà Nội is the capital of Vietnam, and the biggest city of the north. While placement here is never guaranteed, it is our biggest hub in the whole country, and after working 3-4 months in another city, transfer is possible. Teachers working in other cities are always prioritised for placement here after that initial stint.
Hải Phòng
Hải Phòng is a major port city close to Hạ Long Bay, with a strong colonial heritage. Just a few hours’ east of Hanoi, its French-style leafy boulevards are lined with landmarks like the opera house and the Queen of the Rosary cathedral. The city is also home to Đồ Sơn beach, the elaborate Buddhist Chùa Hàng, and its museum exploring the city's long history. With a growing expat community, this is our biggest city on offer outside of Hanoi and HCMC.
Huế is the ancient capital of Vietnam, with very royal vibes. Less well-known than Đà Nẵng but no less desirable, its APAX center is relatively small. Generally, this is one of the few centers in Vietnam which is populated primarily by experienced APAX teachers. Like Đà Nẵng, Huế is something to aim for if you're looking to stick with APAX for more than a year.
Lào Cai
The perfect destination for those looking to get as rural and beautiful as possible, Lào Cai province encompasses the famed mountainous Sa Pa region of the north. While still small centre-wise in its capital city, occasionally opportunities do pop up here. Probably the only place we operate in Vietnam where you might catch snow in the winter!
Ninh Bình
Ninh Bình is a beautiful and highly-sought after province just an hour and a half south of Hanoi, in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. It is home to the ancient capital of Hoa Lư, and Phát Diệm Cathedral, ranked as one of the most beautiful churches in Vietnam. Tourism in the area has shot up since King Kong was filmed here. While positions are few and far between, it could be something to aim for during your career with APAX.
Phú Thọ
Phú Thọ, and its capital of Việt Trì, lie in the northeast, with a population of 1.37 million, and home to 21 ethnic minorities, each with a distinct culture. Major attractions include Hùng Temple and Xuân Sơn National Park. In addition, it has extremely important links with the Hung Kings, which provide you with one of your public holidays whilst living in Vietnam! Like Hà Nam, a Phú Thọ placement guarantees the authentic Vietnamese lifestyle.
Thái Bình
Thái Bình is a coastal province in northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta region, home to almost 1.8 million. Attractions include the unique Đông Châu beach, the ancient Bách Thuận garden village, the intricately carved Chùa Keo, which hosts folk festivals each spring and autumn, and the striking Đền Tiên La, known for its singing performances and annual water procession. It doesn't get much more Vietnamese than this.
Thái Nguyên
Thái Nguyên province, north of Hanoi, has a population of over 1.1 million and is famous for its glorious mountains, beautiful rivers and lush green tea plantations. The picturesque Núi Cốc Lake is a huge reservoir and refuge for local wildlife, and its numerous islands are the source of local legends. The eponymous capital city sits on the banks of the Cầu River, and houses the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam's Ethnic Groups. This is one of our most beautiful destinations on offer.
Thanh Hóa
Thanh Hóa is a province in northern Vietnam bordered by Laos and the Gulf of Tonkin, boasting a large population of almost 3.5 million. The varied landscapes range from the paradisiacal beaches of Sầm Sơn and Hải Hòa, to the luscious rice paddies and expansive natural reserves of Pù Luông and Sông Mực Lake.
Vinh is the biggest city of the North Central Coast of Vietnam, an economic and cultural center with key links to the rest of Southeast Asia. It's not just commercially busy, however; it is also home to great tourist destinations like Quyet mountain’s King Quang Trung Temple, Hong Son Temple, and Cửa Lò beach. Vinh is an ideal alternative for those seeking Đà Nẵng, which is not possible as an initial placement.
Vĩnh Phúc
Vĩnh Phúc is a mountainous province less than a few hours northwest of Hanoi, with a population of over 1 million. In the northeast, the wooded mountains of the popular Tam Đảo National Park are home to Thác Bạc waterfall and the Buddhist monastery Trúc Lâm Tây Thiên. The resort-fringed Đại Lải Lake lies to the east. To the west is the Tran Dynasty's soaring brick Bình Sơn Tower. We currently have around 15 teachers across 2 centers, so you won't come up short on the expat community feel.
Quảng Ninh
The beautiful coastal region of this province encompasses our centres in Cẩm Phả, Uông Bí, Hạ Long, and Bãi Cháy, which feature beautiful beaches and world-famous UNESCO heritage sites. Perfect destinations for the rural folk amongst you, though not without a lovely bunch of teachers in each location.
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