Depending on your nationality, this can either be a walk in the park, or one of the most time-consuming, costly, and administratively complex procedures you'll be undergoing before you work with APAX English. Given the obvious discrimination here, you'll hopefully note that this is entirely outside the company's control, and rests squarely on the shoulder's of your country's government.

Here are some incredibly important considerations when it comes to legalisation:


  • Those with AU, CA, NZ, US or IRE passports can normally have their documents stamped in their respective embassy in Hanoi, provided they are from the country of origin. For HCMC, the Consulate-General (CG) will stamp all documents, but IRE citizens must come to Hanoi as there is no alternative in HCMC. This means that in most cases, candidates from these countries do the majority of admin once inside Vietnam.

  • The exception is if a AU, CA, NZ, US or IRE passport-holder has a document from RSA or UK. In this case, the candidate should aim to have it stamped at their embassy or CG in Vietnam nonetheless. If the embassy (or CG) refuses, the candidate will need to undergo the applicable UK or RSA process outlined below.

  • The UK and RSA processes are more expensive and will take longer than other countries' processes. For those with UK or RSA documentation (e.g. a degree or TEFL from a UK or RSA accredited institution), the following processes must be followed:



For RSA citizens or those with RSA documentation, while we don't currently have an official partner for RSA, there are a number of companies who will take your documentation through this process. please click the link to find out more.​

​It's particularly important to note with TEFL certificates that often where you did it doesn't matter. An AU candidate with a CELTA (a UK body-issued English teaching certificate), for example, may have trouble obtaining the stamp from the embassy or CG in Vietnam. By the same token, a US candidate with a CELTA may have no trouble getting the stamp at the US embassy or CG. Many well-known TEFL companies have offices across the world but will be registered in one particular country. The onus is on you to check with your embassy in advance.

When you have documentation from outside of your country, it's always wise to check in with us about procedure, as this will differ from person to person, and nationality to nationality. The exception is for RSA applicants with a certificate from the UK, who can easily either follow the RSA process or, failing this, the UK process, for their applicable documents.



Because of Vietnamese government regulation, it is crucial that all of your documentation - degree, TEFL, and criminal background check - match your passport name exactly, including middle names. If this is not the case, you will require either a reissuing of documentation or, if this is too costly or not feasible, an affidavit. For most nationalities, an affidavit will be cheaper than the cost of reissuing a degree. If you are still waiting for your TEFL certificate to be issued, we strongly recommend informing the TEFL company that it must be an exact match of your passport name.


Most nationalities can obtain an affidavit from either their embassy or CG in Vietnam, including UK. Again, the onus is on you to check in advance to ensure this is the case. RSA citizens must obtain this while having the other documentation legalised, and the affidavit must also undergo carry the Vietnamese consular stamp. This is based in Pretoria.

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