Other Cities

North of Vietnam

Get to experience the beauty and nature of Northern Vietnam. We have centers in cities such as Hai Phong, Ha Long and many more.

Middle of Vietnam

One of the best coastal towns of Vietnam can be found in the middle of Vietnam. Read more about Da Nang and Hue!

South of Vietnam

Get to experience one of the hidden gems of the south, Binh Duong. A more relaxed city with a tropical climate and clean air!

Working in Smaller Cities

Vietnam has some of the most stunning scenery in South East Asia, ranging from Ha Long Bay to Phong Nha Caves. We here at APAX have a wide range of locations where you can work.

Explore the real Vietnam

One of the big advantages of living outside of Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City is that you get to experience the real Vietnam. People are even more friendly, food and culture is much more pure and the quality of the air is a 100 times better. Air pollution is a big problem in the bigger cities of Vietnam.

Making the difference

The ESL industry is has been set up over the last 10 years in Vietnam, however this has taken mainly place in the big cities. In the smaller cities and towns of Vietnam we are one of the first to set up English centers. Joining us in this adventure will guarantee that you get to contribute to the development of the local youth of these towns.

Receiving more benefits

Getting to work in a smaller city comes with it's additional benefits. When you teach for a longer period of time in a smaller city you'll be eligible to additional bonuses. Furthermore there are city specific benefits. 

Teach At APAX English

We make it our daily goal to secure you the best ESL role in Vietnam. Feel free to browse the site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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