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Vietnam is an amazing success story. See how the country has responded and learn how you can begin teaching abroad Vietnam.

“I think I will be an ingrate if I keep this joy to myself. Joining APAX is one of the best decisions I made for my career progress. Finally, I want to say thanks to the people who are always working behind the scenes to make APAX a good working environment. For I know and believe 2021 and beyond will be a brighter year for APAX LEADERS.”

“First of all, thank you for being an example to the world on your COVID-19 pandemic response. I received your other email for your request for help to book my ticket there and will do so immediately. I look forward to becoming a member of your team soon.”

“I am truly proud to call Vietnam home, especially in times like these. The government has really stepped up and taken care of its people and enforced strict regulations since day one. Quarantine stories from foreigners have only been positive, considering it’s… quarantine. Vietnam, you’re lovely and I’m very blessed to be here in a time like this.”

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One of the Safest: Vietnam Leads the Way!

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One of the safest

Vietnam Leads the Way!

Since the arrival of COVID-19, Vietnam has been an example to the world on pandemic response. A successful ‘early-approach’ means Vietnam has not had to endure the drawn-out social and economic impacts that many other countries are experiencing.

81% of Population Satisfied with Response

Fighting Covid & Economic Growth

6.7% GDP Growth Forecast for 2021

Centers Open

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Firsthand Look Into Teaching During a Pandemic

With Vietnam having one of the most favorable Covid responses in the world, we have had the wonderful opportunity to continue our careers and teach our students.

Onset of COVID-19

The first two cases of COVID-19 in Vietnam were confirmed on 23rd January. By this time Vietnam had already begun its response, activating the “Emergency Epidemic Prevention Centre”, creating advice hotlines and launching 40 mobile Emergency Response Teams.

Closure of Schools

After seven confirmed cases in total, Vietnam ordered the closure of schools and language centres on the 3rd of February.

APAX responded swiftly; to retain our large talent pool of experienced teachers we committed to continuing to pay our staff in full, and moved to an online platform of teaching.

In order to provide the service that parents paid for, and ensure that the teaching outcomes for our students were not impacted, these online lessons were provided free-of-charge, with the commitment that the content was to be revisited when in-person teaching resumed.

Like the rest of the world, APAX did not expect the effects of COVID-19 to be long term.


Schools and language centres did not reopen until the 4th of May. As a result of generating zero income for three months and ensuring that all staff continued to be paid in full, salary payments were now had to be paid out in staggered installments.

Undeniably, this caused stress and worry amongst our teaching community, not helped by being so far from home during a global pandemic. This hardship was compounded by the fact that Vietnam closed its borders to all international flights from 19th March, meaning APAX could not fill vacancies from abroad.

However, APAX continued to provide an income for all our staff in Vietnam, in the wake of unprecedented circumstances.

Moving Forward

Since the resumption of in-class teaching in May, APAX has been working hard to consolidate its position. While some APAX centres have closed and reopened again due to localised outbreaks, on the whole our operations have returned to normal.

To improve communication and reassure our staff, a payment timeline has been created to allow for better financial planning regarding salary payments. A complete resumption of normal operations is forecast before the end of the year.

Commitment to Support

We’ll be with you every step of the way, so don’t delay – let’s make it happen together!


Application Process

Apply online today and you’ll be set up an interview with our team. Once you’ve undergone the main stages of the hiring process, you’ll need to prepare your documentation to be processed by our team.


Entry Approval

During your approval waiting period, we are in full communication and beign arranign your flight. You’ll have access to our support groups for minute-to-minute updates about your flight and quarantine details.


Land in Vietnam

During your 14-day quarantine period, you will be well looked after by the Vietnamese government in an approved hotel / quarantine facility, and will be in regular contact with both the recruiting and the training department.


Your Career Begins

Once released from quarantine, we will assist with all logistics associated with placement, including travel to and hotels for a number of nights in cities / towns outside of Hanoi / HCMC, while you get orientated and set up after training.

Commitment to You

We understand the difficulties of arriving and settling in a new country (especially during a pandemic). That is why APAX Leaders is investing time and resources into your safe arrival.

Quarantine Costs

Your 14 days are paid in full including lodging, transportation and a Welcome Package.

Flight Coverage

Your flight is taken care of upfront, and if you commit up front to working in a small city, there will be no deductions.

Housing Stipend

Receive a 3,000,000 VND housing stipend on top of your base salary regardless of your location in Vietnam.

Small City Bonus

A 3,450,000 VND stipend is available in 90% of locations across Vietnam (excluding Hanoi & HCMC).

Completion Bonus

You’ll also receive a bonus of 10,750,000 VND upon completion of your 1-year contract.

Work Permit & Health Check

You get set up with both which are reimbursed upon completion of your 1-year contract.


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