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What is daily life/quality of life like in Hue?

Hue is a beautiful, picturesque and laid-back city which makes it a haven away from the chaos of Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Hue has a lively vibrant side; the beach is a 20-minute drive away and the area is surrounded by wonderful mountains, lagoons, rice fields and rivers. Hue is also a culturally balanced place. It has a controlled tourist industry which means it’s one of the cities in Vietnam that maintains its local authenticity, whilst also having many of the comforts of the Western world. Hue is home to the ancient imperial city, which is steeped in rich history. The imperial city is a collection of temples and ancient royal homes within the citadel, a walled enclosure, and one of the highlights of your time in Vietnam will be visiting this culturally significant heritage site.

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What is the cost of living in Hue?

Hue has a relatively small expatriate community, so the cost of food and rent is very affordable. A local dish of bun thit nuong (pork, noodles and peanut sauce) costs between 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND. Another local dish that is famous to the city is Bun Bo Hue and costs between 20,000 VND and 30,000 VND. Coffee, both Western and Vietnamese styles, costs around 12,000 VND to 30,000 VND. A two-bedroom house that’s fully furnished should cost around 6 million VND a month. To rent a motorbike per month is the standard price of 1 million VND.

The only negative is that you’ll never want to live anywhere else after you live here.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about living in Hue?

One of the positives of Hue is the rich integration of locals and expats. Expats are welcomed by the friendly locals with open arms. All too happy to teach you Vietnamese, exchange languages, take you on a food tour, all to make sure that you have a happy time whilst living in Hue. Hue boasts an abundance of beautiful nature and scenery in and a short drive from the city. The peaceful countryside provides a quiet retreat away from the noise of the city. 

If you drink beer, Huda is widely thought of as the best local beer in Vietnam for both taste and flavour. A large beer will only cost between 8 and 15k. Hue boasts a wide selection of local cuisine, and even after some years of living here, you’ll keep discovering more dishes that you wished you would’ve discovered earlier. 

Central Vietnam is the most up and coming area of the country and travellers frequently remark how the locals here are the friendliest in the country. 

The only negative is that you’ll never want to live anywhere else after you live here. If living in large, unfriendly polluted cities is your thing then maybe living in Hue won’t be for you.

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What is the expat community like in Hue?

The expat community is a small, close-knit group that is made up of teachers and volunteers from all over the world. The expat community meets regularly to hang out, go to the beach and have barbeques.

What is living in Vietnam vs (Your Home Country) like?

United Kingdom: Obviously the most appealing part of living in Vietnam is the cheap living costs compared to the UK, which allows teachers to save a significant portion of their salary while enjoying a rich and varied life. It goes without saying that the tropical climate means that hot and sunny weather are enjoyed for much of the year, compared to the very distinctive seasons of the UK. 

South Africa: SA’s geographical location means that to explore Asia is a costly endeavour that requires extensive time off for travelling. Whilst living in Vietnam, the proximity to other Asian countries and the affordable flights make this the perfect base to call home while easily adventuring out to other beautiful and tropical destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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What I like most about APAX is…

Brittany (South Africa): As a new employee of APAX, I have really appreciated the continued support from my training and especially from the teachers in my new centre. 

Jean (South Africa): APAX is one of the only companies in Asia with a western human resource department that will support you during your time in Vietnam. 

Christopher (UK): APAX has interactive technology which makes the classes lively and creates an engaging working environment. Another bonus is that the classes are planned but I still have creative freedom to express myself. 

Callum (UK): As Head Teacher, it’s a wonderful experience to watch the professional growth of my teachers as we work collaboratively to improve the centre and develop our teaching skills. It’s really rewarding to see the positive impact us as teachers have on our students’ development. 

Harry (UK): Since I have been an I-garten teacher, the most rewarding aspect of my job is to see students begin their journey with us with no prior knowledge of English and watching them acquire social and linguistic skills with our help.


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