5 Dessert Coffees to Try in Vietnam

Cafe culture is a large part of local life in Vietnam, and the range of drinks available to sample is an exciting experience for anyone with a sense of adventure! Below is a list of must-try coffees, but be warned, these are the addictive ones! 

Photograph via Foody.vn

1. Coconut Coffee

Coconut fans, rejoice! Tropical Vietnam has an abundance of coconuts, so naturally, Vietnamese cuisine has a variety of coconut-inspired dishes. One must-try is coconut coffee. The rich aroma of coffee is complemented by the sweet, creamy coconut milk. Coconut coffee is served iced, which makes it the perfect fragrant treat during the searing summer heat.

Name in Vietnamese: Cà phê dừa

The Place to Try: Any Cộng Cà Phê franchise across the country

Photograph via The Spruce Eats

2. Egg Coffee

One of the most unusual combinations to be enjoyed in Vietnam is egg and coffee. For any foodie with a sense of adventure, this drink is definitely not to be overlooked. If your immediate thought was scrambled eggs floating in hot coffee, rest at ease. The coffee is prepared by beating egg whites for ten minutes until it is thick and meringue-like. This is then poured over espresso, and it can be served hot or cold. 

Name in Vietnamese: Cà phê trứng

The Place to Try: Egg Coffee 38, Hanoi

3. Salt Coffee

Salt coffee is a delicacy in Hue, central Vietnam, so make sure to sample some after visiting the Imperial city. You can expect to receive traditional Vietnamese coffee that is brewed in the traditional filter called a ‘phin’. Then a serving of fermented milk with a touch of salt is added to the mix, and the result is a flavour full of dimension; sweet and salty.

Name in Vietnamese: Cà phê muối

The Place to Try: Salt Coffee Cafe, Hue

Photograph via Saigon Traveling

4. Saigon Coffee

Saigon coffee is so-called because it is a popular way to enjoy coffee in the central and South of Vietnam. If you want your caffeine fix but want to keep it simple, Saigon coffee is your delicious alternative. Unlike the iced milky coffee in the North where you mix the drink yourself, the condensed milk is already stirred in and served over ice.

Name in Vietnamese: Cà phê Sài Gòn

The Place to Try: Any ‘Coffee House’ franchise across the country

Photograph via Pinterest

5. Chocolate Coconut Frappe

Frappes are universally enjoyed (thanks Starbucks!) but Vietnam has managed to put a twist on the drink just by including locally sourced ingredients. Rich, velvety cacao farmed in Vietnam combined with freshly made coconut milk and of course with a base of robust traditional Vietnamese coffee, any frappes you have here in Vietnam are delightfully wholesome!

Name in Vietnamese: Sinh tố dừa cà phê

The Place to Try: Any of the local cafes down south


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